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Our commitment for more safety

Here at Stocker, we firmly believe in the value of collaboration: everyday, this is an essential principle that guides us in our work. During this tough period, our philosophy has not changed and today more than ever, protecting the health of coworkers and partners is a priority.

Even before our government started the lockdown, the company already put measures and resources in place in order to protect the employees and sale agents located all over Italy: the team has welcomed the use of masks, hand sanitizer, rules on distancing and smart working.

Many of our customers in Italy as well as abroad continued to work, even if with strong limitations: for this reason, we wanted to contribute to their safety and health. Starting from the second half of March, we included two masks in each shipment to our customers, for them and their employees. We are especially glad that we could provide help in areas where masks were already quite hard to find. As our stock ended, we had to stop this initiative temporarily, but we are planning to start again very soon.

“Our partners really appreciated our gesture. We are just glad we could offer some tranquility in their work in this tough period”, said Matthias Mairhofer, general manager of Stocker Srl.

Our roots are in Lana, where for more than 30 years we have been improving, with other businesses, the value of our territory. In situations like this, with simple actions we can contribute to the wellbeing of our community: in partnership with Raiffeisen Bank and the council of Lana, and with the help of local firefighters, we donated two masks per family in Lana and other close villages, for a total of 20 thousand pieces.

“What makes this initiative so valuable is the cooperation between a local business, Stocker, the institutions and the firefighters: a joint initiative for our community”, commented Harald Stauder, the mayor of Lana.

Florian Kaserer, director of the Raiffeisen Bank of Lana, added: “We are an important institution for our community and this way we could show our presence to our citizens. They really appreciated the initiative”.

Matthias Mairhofer concluded: “Bringing the masks here was not that simple. For this reason I also want to say thank you to the colleagues of the purchasing department, Edoardo and Marta, for their crucial role in this”. In this period, obviously, also the market reacted. As usual, we have remained by the side of gardening lovers through the online channels: many people could actually spend more time in their garden, taking care of their plants.

The market though, also showed new, different needs: some years ago, we developed innovative and functional electric sprayers for the use in agriculture. In this period many institutions, companies and private citizens carried out disinfections and sanitizations, and as a result, we experienced an increased demand of our electric sprayers for this use.

We provided a clear feedback: our electric sprayers are particularly suited for these operations because they allow an even distribution of the liquid on surfaces. They are as well very easy to use and quiet, which is pretty important considering that they can also be used in public spaces.

We shot some new video demonstrations, which you can view here:

Sanitization of touristic villages

Sanitization of hotels

Sanitization of companies