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Sales meetings with agents and distributors in 2023

The months of September and October were dedicated to meetings with the Italian and foreign sales force, in an atmosphere of novelty and cooperation in view of the new season!
In addition to the usual meeting with Italian agents in South Tyrol, this year the meeting for the Spanish sales network held in Valencia and the meeting with foreign distributors in Belgrade.

Italian agents' meeting

In the beautiful setting of the Latemar Group, not far from Bolzano, the Italian sales network met from 11 to 13 September to share plans and developments for the future. As usual, it was an opportunity to present all the news regarding the 2024 Catalogue, the communication plan, the product development process and much more. Through the practical workshops, participants were able to train themselves and experience the quality of the new products and marketing initiatives made available. There was no shortage of fun and team-building moments: E-bike rides and shots at the golf course allowed us to immerse ourselves in nature and indulge in a few moments of relax.

Spanish agent meeting

Following the Iberflora Valencia trade fair, where our Geyser sprayer won a competition dedicated to innovations, the Spanish sales network dedicated the day of 6 October to a training meeting to align themselves on all the innovations in the catalogue. It was an opportunity to consolidate the work done and outline new objectives for the future of an increasingly growing market.

Europe Distributor Meeting

On 20 and 21 September, partners from foreign markets met in Belgrade for the presentation of the new 2024 products and communication tools made available by the company.
Again, there was no shortage of opportunities to have fun and spend time together: what better occasion than a Go Kart race?

These were all exciting appointments, which allowed us to strengthen our sense of belonging by working and having fun together, continuously promoting change and innovation.