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Wheelbarrow battery pump 100 L

The 100 litres wheelbarrow battery pump is the ideal solution for treatments on cultivations such as vegetable gardens, orchards or olive groves of…
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The 100 litres wheelbarrow battery pump is the ideal solution for treatments on cultivations such as vegetable gardens, orchards or olive groves of medium-large sizes, or even inside large greenhouses. It can as well be used for sanitization operations inside buildings and in open spaces.

Thanks to the handy wheelbarrow system, the robust wheels and the stable front support foot, it is easy to maneuver and very stable on irregular or steep grounds. The sturdy and capacious tank avoids several refills during the operations. The wheelbarrow pump is equipped with a 12V/ 36 Ah rechargeable Panasonic battery, which makes it very quiet, without vibrations. It has an autonomy of more or less 4 hours, depending on the operating pressure, adjustable pressure from 1 to 10 bar, a 50 meters long hose with a handy hose-reel and an aluminium spray lance with adjustable nozzle. With the standard configuration, the water flow is between 1,5 litres/min and 6 litres/min.

It is extremely versatile, as it can also be utilized with a second configuration, thanks to the included accessories:
- with the swinging drawbar it is possible to tow the pump with small gardening tractors. This allows the user to cover much larger surfaces without effort. The swinging drawbar can easily be assembled onto the pump by removing the handles for the manual steering;
- the irrigation bar for grass allows for an easier distribution of fertilizer and controlling of weeds on large surfaces. It has an adjustable length from 1,5 to 2,50 meters and with the fan-shaped nozzles it can spray as wide as up to 3 to 5 meters. The fiberglass rods are assembled on a sturdy metal structure which is easily mounted onto the pump in the same position of the hose reel. On the short 1,5 meters bar it is possible to mount up to 4 nozzles, while the long 2,5 meters one can host up to 6 nozzles: nevertheless, should the operator need to shut some of these nozzles, he/she can do so by plugging them with the handy sealing disks. The water flow is between 1,2 and 5,3 litres/min.
For optimal operation we reccommend the following settings for the pressure:
- Max. operating pressure (1 - 5 nozzles): 6 bar
- Max. operating pressure (6 nozzles): 4 bar
- Min. operating pressure (4 and 6 nozzles): 1 bar

Thanks to the drain plug and the filter, which can be easily removed, maintenance and cleaning of the pump can be performed very quickly. It is also equipped with a small 1,8 liter tank for safety and hygene purposes. A voltmeter and a filling indicator are also included.

Weight: 63 kg (standard configuration with handles and hose reel with hose)
Weight of the irrigation bar for grass: 2,5 kg
Weight of the swinging drawbar: 4,6 kg
Max. spraying distance (with spray lance): 8 metres

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Wheelbarrow battery pump 100 L

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