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Taking Care of People and the Environment

"By taking care of gardens and agriculture, we want to contribute to the well-being and the quality of life of everyone." Matthias and Jacob Mairhofer

Living in Close Touch with Nature and People
The beauty of South Tyrol, the respect and responsibility for this heritage as well as a passion for gardening and agriculture were all deciding factors for choosing Lana near Merano as the company headquarters. We put all our love for nature into quality products for gardening and agriculture.

Innovation for the Benefit of Nature and the Customer
In cooperation with institutes, we develop new products and innovative, technically sophisticated materials. These materials are then presented at events that are open to customers, suppliers, and partners. Although we respect tradition, we are never afraid of change and development and are constantly growing and evolving.

The Values of German and Italian Culture
Our relationship with employees and customers is based on respect, honesty, and cooperation. The German and Italian speaking South Tyrol lies at an intersection of two great cultures and their values. Success can therefore only be achieved by the right mixture of flexibility and assertiveness, as well creativity and accuracy.

The Alpine Nature is our Teacher
Dedication, readiness to make sacrifices, reliability, and a sense of duty are all traits that are needed for a life in the mountains. These values are being recognised and promoted by the new generation of managers and their young employees in order to make the company a successful international enterprise.


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Meeting with the clients from Eastern Europe

On October 4 and 5, we held the annual meeting with buyers from Eastern Europe in Belgrade.


Annual sales meeting Italy

From September 19 to 21, the Italian sales representatives gathered at the headquarters in Lana for the annual sales meeting.


Company trip to Val Senales

Company excursion: Visit of a centenary farm


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