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Nature is in Our Hearts

"Our love and passion for nature and the garden was our motivation for creating quality products for the garden and agriculture", say company founders Anna Stocker and Josef Mairhofer.Their success proves them right. This enthusiasm has been carried over to the next generation.

2015 - 30 Years of Stocker
Matthias and Jakob Mairhofer invite 150 guests from near and far to the anniversary celebration. Honouring the founding couple Anna Stocker and Josef Mairhofer. The company supplies retailers and wholesale stores in 32 countries. Over 3000 products. Over 15,000 deliveries annually. Expansion of the corporate Headquarters.


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Stocker was at EIMA 2018

From November 7 to 12, we participated to EIMA 2018.


Meeting with the clients from Eastern Europe

On October 4 and 5, we held the annual meeting with buyers from Eastern Europe in Belgrade.


Annual sales meeting Italy

From September 19 to 21, the Italian sales representatives gathered at the headquarters in Lana for the annual sales meeting.


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